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Nursing Career in Germany

Are you a passionate nurse seeking a thriving career, competitive compensation and a supportive community? Look no further than Anna Marine Concern established in Sri Lanka in 1988, together now in collaboration with Best Nursing of Germany and make them your gateway to fulfilling opportunities in the dynamic German Healthcare Landscape.

We strive to connect dedicated Asian nurses with rewarding positions in Germany, to bridge the gap in the German healthcare system and empower individuals to chart a vibrant and rewarding professional path.

Why Germany?

A Thriving Economy and a Diverse Culture: Immerse yourself in a dynamic economy, rich cultural tapestry, and an unparalleled European experience.

Attractive Salary: Earn a competitive salary starting from EURO 2,600* (approximately almost LKR 900,000/- subject to change on current Central Bank rate) with a potential to increase up to EURO 2900*.
*Terms and conditions apply

Generous Bonus Structure: Celebrate your achievements with Christmas bonuses, vacation allowances, and overtime payments.

Comprehensive Social Security: Benefit from a robust social security safety net, ensuring comprehensive healthcare and peace of mind.

European Union Membership: Enjoy the benefits of EU citizenship, including freedom of movement and unlimited access to a wider career landscape.

Work-Life Balance: Enjoy paid vacation days and diverse career advancement opportunities.

All you need to do is complete the German language course, during which we will cover most expenses, including the provision of an allowance.

We will also support you with visa assistance, residence permit acquisition, family reunification and many more dedicated services.

Eligibility & Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Diploma from a Certified Nursing School.

Fair knowledge in the English language.

Age over 21 and preferably below 38 years.

If you are eligible, join us and make a difference. Not only will you contribute to a vital healthcare system, but you will also embark on a transformative personal journey, shaping your future in a vibrant and welcoming nation.

Contact us today to learn more. Make the Difference! Unlock your nursing potential in Germany!

+94 11 2424722 / 3 | amc@sltnet.lk

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